You’ll be bombarded with a lot of ads when streaming in a small window

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NBA Game 3:: Bucks vs Suns Free live stream reddit(2021/07/11)
NBA Game 3:: Bucks vs Suns Free live stream reddit(2021/07/11)

Watching sports online has become more accessible due to the variety of streaming sites available. However, paying for a service to watch your favorite sport may not be a viable option, especially if your budget is constricted. That is why this article focuses on free sites that will give you a great streaming experience.

The sports streaming sites below can be accessed with various devices, including PCs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, Roku, and more. Some of them even feature a chat option so you can interact with other fans.

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Why you should consider using a VPN when streaming live sports
There are many reasons why you need a VPN to watch sports online. The internet is not a safe place, and your privacy, as well as security, can be compromised easily.

ExpressVPN is an excellent provider that has all the things you’d expect from a dependable VPN service. It boasts efficiency, speed, ease of use, torrent and VOD support, a strict no-logging policy, superior security and privacy features, and apps for everything.
Surfshark VPN is a feature-heavy VPN service offered at a bargain price. It has become the internet ocean’s king, not only because of ease-of-use and many security options on offer but for the unlimited simultaneous connections it supports at an unbelievable price.
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will come in handy to do your activities with anonymity. It will reroute your sports streaming traffic through private servers, keeping it away from the insecure public servers. This helps to shield your data from snooping eyes.

Moreover, a VPN will enhance your security by encrypting your internet traffic. Even if third parties intercept your sports streaming connection, they’ll only see a mass of random numbers and characters. Choose a VPN with AES 256-bit encryption to remain completely safe.

Finally, it will replace your actual IP address with the server you are using when you connect to a VPN server. This will make you look like you are geographically located in the country where the server is located. In other words, you’ll be bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing any free sports site you want.

Top websites for online sports streaming
Like free movie streaming sites, sports portals tend to go offline every now and then. However, the options I have reviewed below are working well and I keep updating the list regularly to ensure the page only features the websites that are functional. I based my research on the following criteria:

Fox Sports Go is a popular sports website due to the variety of sporting activities it offers. You’ll get sports such as MLB, NFL, NBA, Tennis, Premier League, F1, boxing, etc. Unfortunately, it is geo-restricted in the US, so you’ll need a VPN to access it in your country.

You can access the site through your desktop or laptop. There are also Android and iOS apps to help you watch live sporting events whenever you are. Fox Sports Go also works well with Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and Google Chromecast.

Live Soccer TV is a free online sports streaming website that will allow you to watch various sports. They include Cricket, Soccer, NFL, and Rugby from around the world.

Its interface is easy to use with different categories such as competitions, matches, channels, etc. Interestingly, you can even view past game scores, news, and live matches on the homepage.

Besides the web version, Live Soccer TV also has iOS and Android apps to download from respective app stores. Regardless of how you choose to access the streaming site, you’ll get notifications and real-time game updates.

The biggest disadvantage of Live Soccer TV is that some of the streaming links are geo-blocked depending on the provider. For instance, some streams are restricted in the UK, while others are only available in the US.

If you are a soccer fan, SonyLiv is the best streaming service to watch major soccer matches. As the name suggests, Sony Group Corporation owns it and the service offers high-quality streams. You can enjoy cricket, WWE, MotoGP, tennis, UFC, and NBA on it. However, the site is geo-restricted and may not be available in your country, so you’ll use a VPN to change your location and access SonyLIV in the USA and other countries.

Apart from sporting activities, SonyLiv also features movie packages and other entertainment selections. Thankfully, you can access the site through mobile apps. Please note that most of the content on SonyLIV originates from India, which might be a problem if you don’t understand the language.

Cricfree is a popular streaming site whose primary focus is to provide cricket game links. The site manages the links incredibly well, and each stream you choose will work exemplary when watching the match.

Its user interface is easy to navigate with the streams organized by the sports available. Besides cricket, the streaming site also has links for baseball, hockey, football, soccer, racing, tennis, and boxing.

Aside from the web version, Cricfree also offers iOS and Android apps. This will help you stay in touch with your favorite sporting activity. However, some streaming links are filled with pop-up ads.

BBC iPlayer is a famous UK streaming service that provides a wide range of content. Like, many other platforms today, the site is available to the UK audience only. However, you can get a UK IP address to access the site in your region.

It will enable you to watch golf, football, soccer, cycling, basketball, cycling, etc. After successfully unblocking iPlayer outside the UK, apart from streaming live, you’ll also get sports highlights and a variety of other special events. The site organizes all these through different categories and channel filters.

As long as the content is recorded in HD, you’ll stream it in this quality. In addition, selected streams are available in the 4K definition. However, there have been complaints that some streams do not consistently maintain high-definition quality.

Facebook Watch is an excellent place to stream various sports. Although there are only a few official streams available, you can stream sports through your account for others to enjoy.

If you follow baseball, the site only broadcasts one MLB game per week during the regular season. However, you won’t have to pay for anything to watch the stream ad-free if you already have a Facebook account.

The only thing you have to do is head over to your Facebook account and click on the watch icon. Then type the word ‘sports’ in the search bar, and you’ll see the ongoing live matches. If you want a specific game, look for it in the search bar.

Volokit is a streaming site where you can watch various sporting events, including MLB, NFL, UFC, NHL, XFL, etc. Furthermore, it allows you to stream regular-season and playoff games in high definition straight from your browser. Remarkably, there is a live chat window where you can engage with fellow fans throughout the stream.

The site has reliable links that work efficiently, making it an excellent option for free streaming. Fortunately, it does not have redirect links to other websites. In addition, everything is accessible on the site, making it simpler to navigate compared to other options.

You’ll be bombarded with a lot of ads when streaming in a small window. However, you can expand the stream to a full screen to avoid these ads. One significant advantage of using Volokit is that you watch multiple streams at once.

BuffStreams is a streaming site that offers sports streams for free. It focuses on reliability and usability for its users by making the website easy to navigate.

Some of the sports it broadcasts include soccer, basketball, football, hockey, racing, WWE, tennis, boxing, rugby, etc. Several fast action buttons make it easy to find streams. They include ‘upcoming,’ ‘live now,’ ‘NHL,’ ‘MLB,’ and ‘NBA.’

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