Workathlon to be the exclusive recruiting partner of Pacha Group in Greece

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ATHENS – Workathlon announces its exclusive collaboration with the international holding company Pacha Group, which is planning to operate one hotel, one beach restaurant bar and one club in Mykonos island beginning in the second quarter of 2021.

Pacha Group have been operating in the leisure, entertainment, hospitality, catering and events, fashion and fragrance segments since 1966. The first Pacha club opened in the town of Sitges (Spain) in 1967, currently having numerous club franchises in Brazil, United States, Russia, Germany, England, Egypt, Portugal, Austria and several Spanish cities.

The company opened the earliest superclub of Ibiza in 1973, before expanding into the hotel business with El Hotel Pacha. Since the ’60s when the hippies arrived on the island, Ibiza has been characterised as being a place of freedom where different cultures come together and live in harmony. Pacha’s arrival in Ibiza coincided with the starting point of tourism development on the island, which became the entertainment capital of the world thanks to its “two emblematic cherries”.

Ibiza means Pacha and Pacha means Ibiza. Who else can say this?

Expansion to Mykonos occurred as the island is often called the Ibiza of Greece, alongside both islands have played host and been destinations of great fun to countless cultures for millennia now.

The freedom and freshness of Pacha; the boldness of Lio Ibiza Restaurant Club Cabaret, the wellness with a touch of fun and the eclecticism of Destino Pacha Resort, the integrated into nature travel experience offered by Casa Formentera Hotel and the urban style of El Hotel Pacha are some of the most characteristic elements of the group, which has an emblematic style and personality without losing sight of its Mediterranean roots.

Nick McCabe, group’s CEO, declares “We should not think about hotels, restaurants or clubs, but rather experiences. When people see cherries or Pacha they think of a lifestyle, a fun and rewarding experience. I want customers to always have that idea and never be disappointed. What has been created in Ibiza can be transferred to other places in the world. The magic here can be carried anywhere on the planet”.,51319913.html,51319913.html–176720932/–176720998/–176721918/–176722217/–176722509/–176723179/–176724855/–176725089/

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