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How to Watch 2021 World Taekwondo Cadet Championships Live Stream online free Today’s All around the world, watching sports events on a screen is a prevalent source of entertainment for sports fans. After all, stadiums are limited in capacity. Also, most sports teams have local, national, and international audiences.


Traditionally, the main way to follow live sports was television. However, things have long since changed. Now sports fans can satisfy their cravings by watching sports online through the major streaming providers and free sports streaming sites. Cord-cutters get to watch sports online on a variety of devices, either for free or significantly cheaper than with a satellite subscription.

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Live sports streaming sites have significantly reduced the need for cable TV. Sports lovers can now watch live sports on the go rather than having to wait until they are in front of a television. Now they no longer have to miss those special live moments, regardless of time or place.

Free sports streaming sites offer a wide variety of live sports events to their visitors. Visitors can watch sports such as soccer, basketball, American football, rugby, basketball, cricket, baseball, golf, boxing, wrestling, and MMA. On some of these sports streaming sites, you can even watch less mainstream sports events like chess and archery.

Knowing that you can stream sports content online is the easy part. Finding the best sports streaming sites is a different ball game. While there are many sites that let you watch sports online, they’re not all reliable and may not offer the best experiences.

Some streaming sites go offline intermittently, while others are inefficient at providing working streams for live sports events.

In this post, I will provide you with 20 of the best free sports streaming sites. The sites on this list tick the boxes on a variety of criteria, including the number of sports streams that they offer, the range of sports they cover, video quality, user interface, the popularity of the sites, and how annoying or intrusive their ads are.

Let’s get to it.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites (Third-Party)
This first category consists of the best free sports streaming sites created by third-party developers. These streaming sites are unaffiliated with official sports bodies or organizations. Basically, any webmaster with the know-how can create a sports site and attach streaming links to it.

Third-party free sports streaming sites are used as stream sources by a ton of apps and addons. You should bear in mind that you are likely to come across more ads while using these streaming sites than you would on legal or official sites.

Attention Users: Read before you continue

Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users’ online activities. If found streaming copyrighted content online, you could get into serious trouble. Currently, your IP is visible to everyone. I strongly recommend you get a good VPN and hide your identity so that your streaming experience doesn’t take a bad turn.

I use ExpressVPN which is the fastest and most secure VPN in the industry. It is very easy to install on any device including Amazon Fire TV Stick. Also, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like their service, you can always ask for a refund. ExpressVPN also has a special deal where you can get 3 months free and save 49% on annual plan.

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Here are the reasons why you must use a VPN all the time.

Here are 15 of the best free third-party streaming sites that you can watch live sports on.

VIPRow Sports kicks off this list. It’s a hugely popular sports streaming site—and for good reason. On the face of it, this website looks identical to another sports streaming site, VIPLeague. However, it is on another level than VIPLeague, with vastly more sports and live sports events offered.

VIPRow Sports is a free sports streaming site that provides visitors with high-quality video links for a wide variety of sports. On this website, visitors can stream several different sports, such as soccer, MMA, wrestling, boxing, tennis, golf, American football, basketball, cycling, racing sports, darts, handball, and volleyball.

As you can see, there’s hardly a sports category that is not covered here. If you follow several sports, then VIPRow Sports is one of the best live sports streaming sites for you. In addition to the sports categories, there are TV channels, and you can even stream TV shows.

VIPRow Sports has an elegantly designed user interface. The website features a dark theme, with icons that represent the various sports or categories. You can navigate through the homepage easily, as it is not cluttered. As a result, finding your sports content is quite simple.

In terms of video quality, you are assured of high-definition video streams for the content that you stream. The streams are quite reliable too, so you will not suffer in terms of lag and buffering as long as you stream on a good internet connection.

One thing to watch out for on VIPRow is the ads, which can hinder your access to these live sports streaming sites. Clicking on any space that is not an icon or button is likely to redirect you to an ad. Nonetheless, VIPRow is one of the best sports streaming sites.

Stream2Watch is an IPTV website that offers extensive coverage of live sports, entertainment, and news. On this free streaming site, you can enjoy all kinds of sports competitions, including American football, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, soccer, and combat sports.

In addition to live sports streaming, Streams2Watch gives people access to many popular TV channels. Visitors on this website can tune in to a host of sports channels and live sports streaming sites.

It’s not just sports streaming on offer here. Streams2Watch also lets you stream a variety of documentary, entertainment, and news TV channels as well. There are scores of channels available to be streamed on Stream2Watch.

Stream2Watch sports a simple design and interface. When you visit the website, you are introduced to a home page that offers basic information on the website. Upcoming live stream events are also listed, along with their start times and streaming links. Popular sports categories are presented on the home page for easy access.

To explore other sports categories or watch live TV, you can make use of the appropriately labeled tabs. I also tested the search feature, and I’m pleased to report it’s easy to find sports events and channels.

Not all sports events can be streamed in high-definition on Stream2Watch. Still, there are lots of high-quality video links. When you select an event to watch, you can choose from multiple links, with those in HD quality tagged as such. You can even find 4K streaming links, which is a huge plus.

When you first see it, the name of this sports streaming website may have you wondering if it’s strictly about cricket. Well, that couldn’t be more wrong.

CricHD does offer live streaming links to most cricket matches, but you can also watch a plethora of other sports here. On CricHD, you can stream free sporting events like basketball, baseball, rugby, American football, cycling, boxing, volleyball, and professional wrestling.

For a fuller and more immersive experience, CricHD lets you check event schedules, matchups, league tables, and match stats. The website also features a chat box for chatting with other streamers.

That’s not all. You can also access lots of sports IPTV channels. All of these channels can be streamed in real-time around the clock.

The sports streams that fans can watch on CricHD are available in HD quality. For users with decent internet connection speeds, streaming is smooth and lag-free. When you select an event to stream, you can choose between a few links. In the unlikely chance that one does not work, you should be able to stream from one of the other links.

CricHD has a well-organized interface. At first glance, it looks quite busy, but the interface doesn’t take long to get used to. Most of the screen is a list of upcoming live streams, alongside start times, links to stream, and the status of the events.

The different sports categories are listed vertically on the side, beside the IPTV channels. You can easily search for events with a handy search bar.

Sportsurge is a free sports streaming site that hasn’t been around long compared to many other sites on this list. However, it is easily one of the leading sites to find links for popular sporting events.

When Sportsurge was first introduced, you could only stream three of the most widely followed American sports: basketball, baseball, and American football. That has since changed. Now, users can stream other sports competitions like motorsports, MMA, soccer, and ice hockey.

Sportsurge does not exactly offer the most comprehensive library of sports streaming content. Still, in the sports competitions that it covers, the website offers a top-notch and in-depth streaming service, with reliable streams and little to no buffering.

Visitors to this free sports streaming site will be pleased by its elegant and yet simple design. On the home page, Sportsurge features a modern, dark mode theme, with large icons representing the different sports that it offers. The design of the site lends it a premium feel.

However, there is more to a user interface than its design, and that is where Sportsurge lacks to some extent. Aside from the icons, there are no other buttons or links, pointing to a lack of functionality. Still, the website is still in the beta stage, so we can expect more in the future.

Sportsurge also stands out in terms of the ad-free experience that it offers when navigating the site. There are no annoying and intrusive pop-ups. On the home page, the website reiterates its objective of having it stay that way.

I recommend using a VPN like ExpressVPN to stay safe when using Sportsurge.

VIPBoxTV currently enjoys rapidly growing popularity and regard among sports lovers. This is due to the extensive array of sports that it offers for live streaming, as well as its sleek design and interface. Sports fanatics have plenty of options to choose from on this free streaming service.

American football, American college football, soccer, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, golf, darts, rugby, combat sports, and racing sports are only some of the options in its comprehensive lineup. From baseball streams of matches played in the USA to basketball streams of the top Asian leagues, VIPBoxTV has your sports needs covered.

The video contents on this streaming website are provided in HD for a more immersive experience. You can adjust the quality to reduce data or bandwidth use, and you can even stream two videos at the same time.

If you have visited the VIPRow website I discussed earlier, then VIPBoxTV will look familiar, as the sites have similar designs. VIPBoxTV is aesthetically pleasing, with its elegant, modern design. The different shades of gray with green and blue highlights create an interface that’s decidedly premium.

The website is run by ads and you should be prepared to deal with pop-ups if you decide to stick with this option. That aside, you will definitely enjoy the experience that VIPBoxTV offers for free sports streaming.

Live TV is a streaming site that offers a comprehensive array of live sports streams, sports videos, live scores, and results. If you are looking for a streaming site that broadcasts mainstream sports, then this may just be the solution for you.

On Live TV, users from all over the world can access and stream events including soccer, American football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, boxing, racing, baseball, rugby, and combat sports. You can even watch less mainstream events like winter sports and handball.

You won’t find games from a Nigerian soccer league streamed here, but chances are that you’ll find working streams for major sporting events. Furthermore, Live TV ensures that up-to-date live scores and results are at your fingertips.

Live TV does not have an official app for smartphone streaming. On the FAQs page, it does recommend that users download the Puffin browser on their mobile phones for a smoother experience. This will help users access this live sports streaming site without lag.

While Live TV does not have the worst user interface that you’ll come across on free sports streaming sites, it could certainly be better. The categories for different sports that it offers are not immediately obvious when you access the site. Instead, they are listed under a header tab labeled Broadcasts. Live scores are results are similarly hidden behind header tabs, but at least those have corresponding labels.

Live TV does not require users to sign up before they can stream sports online. However, you may want to create an account to access the online community.

In looks and general functionality, Rojadirecta is markedly different from the other free sports streaming sites that we have discussed so far. It is older than most, having been around for several years. Rojadirecta also has popularity on its side, with several hundred thousand active users.

Rojadirecta acts as a sports index platform. It does not show the sports categories that it offers on the home page, but don’t let that stop you. You can find live streams for most sports competitions on this website. Soccer, badminton, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, handball, MMA, and many others can be streamed online here.

There is more than live streaming on Rojadirecta. If you happened to miss a live sports event, don’t worry. On this site, you can stream highlights of recent events. The highlights are all uploaded in standard or high quality.

You can also download full sporting events to your device if you want. This is a convenient feature for sports enthusiasts who missed a game or who want to have their favorite matches for keeps.

Another feature to take note of is its forum. Rojadirecta has an active online community of users that can create posts, make updates, and leave comments on its forum. Rojadirecta’s online forum is an excellent place for getting live stream links, as well as information regarding various sports and sporting events.

Rojadirecta’s interface is not one of its pros. The website’s design looks dated and out out of place for such a popular streaming platform. It features a red and white design and tiny lettering that isn’t pleasing to the eyes.

Still, if you can look past the visual flaws, Rojadirecta is a great site for live sports streaming, highlights, and sports information. Just make sure you connect to a reliable VPN service first.

Like CricHD, Cricfree sounds like a website that is entirely focused on streaming free live cricket events. The name is quite misleading, however. You can stream most cricket matches on Cricfree, but sports lovers can also live-stream other sports, such as basketball, soccer, American football, ice hockey, baseball, tennis, golf, and motorsports.

These events can be streamed in high-definition video quality, but you can reduce the quality if you need to reduce buffering.

Cricfree also provides access to live TV channels. You can watch channels like BT Sport, Eurosport, Sky Sports, Bein Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports. There is not a massive lineup of options to choose from compared to some other live TV platforms, but it covers the bases with some of the most popular choices.

As with live streams, live TV channels on Cricfree can be watched in high-quality video resolution. Soccer enthusiasts can also access sites that give access to top soccer tournaments.

Cricfree’s user interface may look a little bland, but it is simple and intuitive. The home page shows icons for sports categories, upcoming live events from different free sports sites, and some large, awkward-looking icons for channels.

There is also a chat box so the site’s users can interact with each other. It’s not the most stylish design, but it’s also not the worst.

This sports streaming site operates on ad revenue, so be ready for some ads. This is especially the case when you try to access cable sports. However, the site’s developers have launched a donation initiative that they hope will eradicate the need for ads.

As the name suggests, Footybite is a free live sports streaming website that is primarily focused on international football, or soccer in America. On this site, soccer lovers can gain access to live streams covering a wide range of leagues and tournaments. Footybite does not just cater to fans of the major leagues but also takes care of enthusiasts of the more obscure matches.

This means that soccer fans who follow matches in top leagues like England and Spain, as well as those who prefer leagues like Croatia or Ukraine, are all covered.


Footybite does not only pay attention to soccer. Fans of volleyball, basketball, professional wrestling, pool, ice hockey, and other sports can find working live streams to watch their favorite sports online.

In addition, Footybite also allows its visitors to watch live TV. The channels here are Sky Sports, BT Sport, NBC Sports, and several other TV channels for sports. Live TV channels stream in HD, so you can expect to enjoy clear videos.

Besides free live sports streaming and live TV, Footybite has an entire category dedicated to sports news. In reality, the news here is entirely soccer-related. The news page is not regularly updated, so there’s little chance that Footybite will become your new go-to for the latest sports headlines.

Footybite has a simplistic interface. The home page lists upcoming events, and there are categories for news, streaming, and live TV. Clicking “Watch” beside an event will take you to the video source.

In spite of its low-key design, Footybite is actually chock-full of annoying pop-up ads, so I highly recommend that you use a VPN or at least an ad blocker.

Crackstreams is largely regarded as one of the most popular and best free sports streaming sites around. Its popularity has led to the website being taken down quite a few times and several mirror sites springing up in its place. Right now it’s back up, so we’ll just have to see how long that lasts.

Crackstreams is a live sports streaming site that also provides 24/7 live TV streaming services for free. The site has live streams for a ton of sports categories, such as American football, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, MMA, basketball, boxing, and a variety of racing sports.

For live TV, there are a plethora of options to choose from. The major options include ESPN, CBS, and Fox, but there are scores of other television channels available, covering sports, news, entertainment, and documentaries.

The Crackstreams site features a simple, tidy design. There aren’t a lot of graphics, but at least that helps the site perform well. It loads quickly, and there is very little buffering while streaming. The streaming links are generally reliable also, so there aren’t many dead links.

As usual, it is recommended that you first connect to a VPN before trying to access the Crackstreams website. is not one of the most popular free sports streaming sites around. However, it is a solid option that is largely reliable and offers streaming links to a ton of sports events.

Users of this website can watch events like basketball, baseball, ice hockey, American football, rugby, golf, tennis, MMA, gymnastics, boxing, and others. The coverage of sports content on this website is expansive.

Under each category, you will find multiple links to watch the events of your choice. does not host the streaming links on its website. Instead, it indexes them from other sources, making it easier for you to find these events.

The website is visually well-designed. It looks simple and clean. However, users will not find it very intuitive. On the main screen, upcoming events are displayed, and you can easily choose a sports category, but there is no search bar or navigation options for finding events.

To sweeten the deal, there are no pop-up ads on the home page. This makes navigating it less frustrating compared to many of its rivals. is not entirely ad-free, however. You’ll encounter some ads on the inner pages of the website. Still, they are not very annoying.

Cord-cutters absolutely love, a free sports streaming site that allows users to watch all of their favorite sports via live streams and live TV channels. comes with a list of sports categories consisting of American football, soccer, tennis, baseball, ice hockey, professional wrestling, golf, rugby, and college sports. From all indications, it is a streaming site made for a North American audience.

For every event, main and mirror links are provided to ensure you are not stuck in laggy streams. Furthermore, you can stream a ton of sports-related live TV channels on this website. The available channels include Sky Sports, Bein Sports, ESPN, Eurosport, and Fox Sports. Watching any of these channels is a breeze, and you can expect a smooth, reliable streaming service.

Other features include a chat option that allows users of the website to interact with each other. They can share text, media, and links. There is also an impressive scheduling system, which ensures you don’t miss your favorite sports shows and live streams.

As with most other live sports streaming websites on this list, you can expect ads on If they don’t bother you, then this may be the perfect website for sports focused on North American.

Don’t forget to connect to a VPN when using

MamaHD attracts a huge number of monthly visitors to its website. This is primarily a result of the library of live streaming content that the website offers, as well as its other excellent features.

MamaHD does not provide sports categories that are as comprehensive as others like Stream2Watch, VIPRow Sports, and VIPBoxTV. However, for the categories it offers, you can expect extensive coverage. The sports categories you can stream on this website include American football, soccer, ice hockey, baseball, motorsports, tennis, badminton, and combat sports.

MamaHD comes with an easy-to-use interface. The font and the color palette blend easily, creating a website that is easy to look at. On the home page, a long list of current and upcoming live streams is displayed.

Navigation is easy. You can scroll through the match schedule to select the match you’re interested in. Alternatively, clicking on the menu bar will bring up a list of sports categories.

There is also a chat box for real-time conversations between streamers. The chat box is pretty active. If you have any questions, you can drop them there and chances are that you will receive helpful replies.

There is no search feature on MamaHD, however.

FromHots is one of the most popular sport directory websites on the internet. This free streaming site indexes links, offering massive coverage of live sports matches across a wide range of categories. It also doubles as an IPTV directory, redirecting you to other sites to watch live TV channels.

On this website, users can gain access to streaming links for most of the major sports, including American football, soccer, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, boxing, and golf. You can also watch highlights and replays of the major events that you missed.

None of this content is hosted on the website. Clicking a link for an event that you are interested in moves you to another website where you can stream the event.

For example, for match highlights and live TV viewing, FromHots has a partnership with two dedicated websites that provide those streams. While you are redirected to for sports highlights, FromHots gets its live TV content from

At first glance, the website looks busy and not the most user-friendly. However, the learning curve is not steep. There are header tabs for the major categories. Under those tabs, you can select from the sports categories that you can stream on the website. A very extensive list of upcoming fixtures takes up most of the remaining screen.

If you would rather get your sports matches from the same place, then this may not be the optimal option for you. On the other hand, if you want a sports index that can move you to basically any event you want, give FromHots a try.

I recommend that you use a VPN service when accessing FromHots.

I know what you’re thinking: How is Reddit, a legal social networking site, in a category of the best third-party streaming sites? Well, in spite of the fact that Reddit is an official site, it is simply one of the best sources for unofficial streaming links for a wide range of sports competitions, tournaments, and events.

What makes Reddit stand out on this list is the incredible array of communities that it is built around. On Reddit, lovers of a sport or competition can come together to form a community, or subreddit, around it. On these subreddits, sports matches are discussed extensively. More relevantly, participants share streaming links for viewing.

Interactions between streamers on Reddit are on a different level than what is obtainable through standard chat boxes on other free sports streaming sites. On Reddit, users can create discussion threads for a much more immersive experience.

However, you should watch out for malicious links, especially in subreddits that are poorly moderated.

The Best Legal Free Sports Streaming Sites
Free third-party sports streaming sites certainly have their uses. They provide cord-cutters with an avenue to access a huge collection of live streams and live TV. However, there is a big case against these sports sites. At best, they exist in a legal gray area.

Using legal free sports streaming sites means that you stand no chance of potentially running afoul of copyrights, licenses, and other regulations. They are also safe sites to stream on any device. As a result, you can watch sports content with no fear of your device getting infected by malicious software.

Here is a list of the five best free legal sports streaming sites.

In terms of popularity, Hotstar blows the other options on this list out of the water. India’s free video-on-demand streaming service, operated by Disney, currently has millions of subscribers. It is currently the dominant platform for video streams in India.

Hotstar offers its subscribers a wide range of video content, including movies, television shows, and sports. Its massive free sports streaming selection includes cricket, baseball, tennis, swimming, badminton, and soccer. Users can tune in to any of the numerous sports channels to catch up on live games, highlights, replays, and commentaries.

Hotstar is not a completely free service, but you will still have access to tons of content without paying a dime. Earlier, Hotstar was exclusive to India, but now it has expanded to several countries. Interestingly, most users still prefer the Indian version due to tons of free content as well as cheaper prices when it comes to premium plans.

Here’s how FireStick users can watch Indian Hotstar from anywhere.

This service is also exclusive to India, so be prepared to use a VPN if you live elsewhere. SonyLIV is owned by a Sony subsidiary based in Mumbai, India. SonyLIV is a free streaming service that provides its users access to an extensive collection of movies, television shows, anime, and a host of other content.

In 2014, LIV Sports, the sports streaming platform on SonyLIV, was launched. LIV Sports allows users to stream cricket, soccer, WWE, Grand Prix racing, and other sports events. The service broadcasts UEFA Champions League and Europe League games in India. In addition, streamers get exclusive access to match schedules, match stats, and analysis.

After Sony bought Ten Sports Network, all of the live sports programs on that channel also started being broadcasted on SonyLIV.

Again, you’ll have to use a VPN to access SonyLIV if you’re outside of India.

Chances are that you’ve heard of Fubo TV already if you’re an avid sports streamer. Originally a soccer streaming service, it has since grown into a massive live TV streaming platform offering more than 100 channels. These channels cover movies, other entertainment, and news, but there are several sports-focused channels on the platform.

In fact, Fubo TV’s coverage of sporting events is massive. The website lets users stream sports competitions including the NFL, MBL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, golf, boxing, college sports, and tennis. For soccer fans, Fubo TV also covers major soccer events like the UEFA Champions League.

Fubo TV is not entirely free. However, you can access the content for free for a week if you take advantage of the 7-day free trial available to first-time Fubo TV users.

Whether you are a casual or a raving sports fanatic, if you’re into sports based in North America, you will find sports content you want to watch on this streaming platform.

The live sports channels available on Sling TV include Bein Sports, ESPNU, and ACC Network. On these and other channels, you can follow ice hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer.

This streaming service is premium. To access all of the sports and other entertainment content on the site, you’ll have to choose one of two subscription plans. But there is a free package available, called Sling Free.

Sling Free is available on the official website. Alternatively, users can download and use the Sling app on their Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, FireStick, or other Android devices.

Despite its efforts in the direction of streaming, Facebook is not considered one of the top video streaming destinations. However, its video-on-demand service, Facebook Watch, does have its uses.

Facebook has toned down its endeavors in live sports streaming, but streamers can gain access to several sports streams on Facebook Watch. These include Major League Baseball games, Spain’s La Liga, and The World Surf League.

Just be careful not to stream sports content provided by other users on the Facebook Watch platform. Live-streaming this kind of content is often illegal, so watching such streams could put you at legal risk.

What are the most popular free sports streaming sites?
The best free sports streaming sites are not necessarily the most popular. However, in terms of the number of active users, the most popular free sports streaming sites are Hotstar, Stream2Watch, FromHot, and CrackStreams.

What are the best free sports streaming sites for live TV?
If you prefer live TV sites over on-demand free sports streaming sites, you can hop on any of these free sports streaming sites: Stream2Watch, Live TV, Cricfree, Crackstreams, Bosscast, FromHot, and Fubo TV.

How do I unblock geo-restricted sports streaming sites?
If you tried to access every site on this list, you likely discovered that some of the best sports streaming sites are restricted to specific geographical regions. This is due to licensing agreements that regulate the broadcasting of sports competitions.

The only way to bypass these geo-blocks is to use a VPN that will help you enjoy free sports streaming sites regardless of your location.

Wrapping Up
There we have it. These are the 20 best free sports streaming sites that will help you cut your cable TV cords. They include both official and third-party sports streaming sites, but what many of these live sports streaming sites have in common is that they allow you to stream free live sports of nearly any kind. I hope you found this list helpful. Please use the comment section below if you have questions or any thoughts you’d like to share!
Legal Disclaimer – does not verify the legality or security of any add-ons, apps or services mentioned on this site. Also, we do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and strictly advise our readers to avoid it at all costs. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the Public domain. Read our full disclaimer.

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