The Dolder Grand and BitLux launch crypto-based luxury travel partnership

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The 5-star deluxe hotel from Zurich will offer alongside Florida-based BitLux, both with a digital currency-centered business model, the first comprehensive cryptocurrency luxury travel experience in the globe.

The Dolder Grand hotel based in Zurich, Switzerland, and private jet company BitLux from Palm Beach, Florida, have partnered to offer the first exclusively cryptocurrency-based luxury travel experience in the globe, allowing clients to pay with digital currency for a private flight from any airport in the world and book a room at one of Europe’s top 5-star hotels.

For clients who fly with BitLux to or within Europe, each family or group will receive a $350 credit towards their stay at the Dolder Grand, good for one calendar year. Also, 25% discount when staying 4 nights at the Dolder Grand, amongst many other attractive offers (subject to availability).

In reciprocation, clients who present a receipt from a stay at the Dolder Grand prior to their flight will receive a $500 credit towards their jet charter trip, whether it is catering, ground transportation, or flight credit.

Furthermore, for Kyle Patel, CEO of BitLux, private jet company which 50% of its charter flights have been booked using cryptocurrencies during 2021, with international flights accounting almost 80%, states that the Dolder Grand is the perfect partner to entice a market that is changing its behavior towards using cryptocurrency as a tool instead as an investment piece.

“Most crypto users, including our clientele and ourselves – seek a safe, secure, anonymous, efficient, and convenient payment method. Non-coincidentally, there is an identical standard for luxury travelers, whether for leisure or business. This partnership seeks to provide clients with more ownership and control of their finances, as well as delivering the best all-around luxury travel experience of 2021.”

The flight
One of the main traits of private aviation is the flexibility of being able to choose from a wide array of aircraft and depart from almost any airport in the world. BitLux will pair each client with the best option to get to Zurich, whether traveling from London, Munich, or Moscow or from the U.S. West Coast, offering a fully tailored service under strict sanitary procedures for a safe and comfortable flight.

The stay
After arriving in Zurich on a private aircraft from any airport in the world, the Dolder Grand will offer unique nature in a residential area known as “Beverly Hills of Zurich, located just 10 minutes from the city center with amazing views over Lake Zurich, the city and the Alps. A complimentary shuttle runs to town several times a day or guest cars can be rented free of charge. The hotel has 2-star Michelin dining, a 4’000 square feet Spa, an impressive art collection, and many other exclusive activities around the resort.–175891820/–175891942/–175891966/






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