Synergy Global Housing introduces first supplier health and safety tracking software

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Synergy Global Housing (Synergy), one of the world’s leading serviced accommodation providers, has introduced SynergySMART (Simple Mobile Apartment Reporting Technology), an automated sanitization/cleanliness tracking web-based platform developed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to streamline the tracking and measurement of its comprehensive global supplier partner health and safety protocols.

“With SynergySMART, every Synergy unit, whether in New York City or a remote city outside of Hyderabad, will have the capacity to quickly and efficiently provide an instant record of adherence to the same exact health and safety standard across the globe,” said VP of Global Supply Chain, Joan McCarthy Mack.

The SynergySMART platform, the first of its kind in the international serviced accommodation sector, provides the mechanism to track and record the execution of the SynergyCares supplier partner health and safety protocols across the company’s 110,000+ unit global inventory – a vital step in restoring the expectations and confidence international travelers require to feel safe and at ease in their serviced accommodation.

“Essentially, this web-based platform will deliver proof our suppliers adhere to our strict SynergyCares standards of health and safety, which will level-up the confidence our global clients and guests desperately need to get back to consistent levels of business travel,” said Mack.

SynergySMART product features:

Supports multiple languages
Mobile responsive design
Embedded photo and video add-ons
Local auto-date, time-stamp and geo-locator on all forms
Audit trails for checklist changes
Automated reminders based on date specific triggers
Integration with supplier partner pre-existing inspection forms
“SynergySMART is extremely simple, easy, and intuitive to use for both our global supply chain providers and their housekeeping teams,” said International President, Stephen Hanton. “The web-based platform will be entirely mobile-friendly, making it a quick and seamless extension of the services our partners already complete.”

SynergySMART will support daily, weekly, and monthly reporting with the goal of a personalized real-time dashboard. Trends and analysis crossed referenced with guest survey feedback will further foster Synergy’s trademark guest experience excellence.

Mack, a 20-year global supply chain leader, who was recently brought on to lead the Synergy award-winning global supply chain partnerships, believes this is the first step in working with industry trade associations like the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) and the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) to establish a universal set of industry-wide cleanliness and sanitization apartment guidelines and checklists.

As highlighted in a recent Synergy webinar series titled, Restoring Business Traveler Confidence, multi-national corporate traveler and mobility directors require continuous communication updates to help set clear expectations with not just relocating and traveling business professionals but internal stakeholders as well.

“Our trade associations, like ASAP and CHPA, created the movement towards clear, attainable industry guidelines,” said Hanton. “SynergySMART is simply a part of that bigger picture aiming towards the end goal of giving business travelers proof their accommodations are safe, sanitized, and ready for them upon arrival.”

Synergy completed a mandatory comprehensive supplier partner training and development program in support of SynergySMART and the SynergyCares supplier partner health and safety protocols. The training program, attended by over 150 suppliers based in the Americas with a scheduled rolled out in EMEA and APAC by the end of the year, covers a broad focus of sanitization education, implementation of best practices, and the value of consistent health and safety global standards.–177063522/–177063809/–177065485/–177070897/–177070933/–177071086/–177071166/–177072677/–177073598/

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