Jake Paul faced a dilemma when looking for his next boxing opponent

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Jake Paul is a big man in fighting games. This was known before last weekend, but it was reinforced by Saturday’s focus on Paul’s battle with former UFC fighter Ben Askren.

Early reports indicate that from one million up Two million The house spent $50 on a pay-per-view fee, which included hours of music performance and four boxing matches of different qualities. Paul eliminated Aslen and improved to 3-0 As a professional boxer. The whole event is separated by comedy skits, almost constant references to marijuana, performances and fights by the seemingly intoxicated Oscar De La Hoya.

The continued success of these events means that they will not disappear. Similarly, despite being criticized after every punch, Jake Paul’s boxing experiment will continue.

After defeating compatriot YouTube star AnEsonGib (after this battle, Paul became the loser of the bet and then became a big hit), Paul was set to face the front NBA Star Nate Robinson (Nate Robinson). Many people give Robinson a chance to win because Paul is now facing “a real athlete.” Paul humiliated Robinson and ruled the battle before a brutal knockout victory.

Then, the request became Paul facing the “real warrior”, which was what he did in the fight against Askern. However, those who know have seen Askren’s amazing performance in the field of MMA, and understand that the most valuable skill he will bring to the arena is his combat experience on a large stage. Nonetheless, and most likely because of refusing to accept YouTube’s personality as a fighter, the odds slipped in Askren’s way, and his opening odds were lower than when it was opened.

As Askren has become flat, the request for Paul has now become a call to see him fighting a “real boxer”. This is correct. If Paul is serious about pursuing a career in boxing, he needs to do something at some point. In all respects, this seems to be the case. Moreover, if he is not blinded by his usually unknown personality, the audience can see the real growth of his skills in his three professional games. Paul has developed an effective jab, can work on the body, can shoot well, and has natural power.

However, attention to Paul’s incident caused problems. Paul needs to fight a real boxer according to his level. Unfortunately, the reality of boxing is that almost everyone who is considered valuable will receive a steady fasting diet early in their careers, and these people are not the kind of people who should be paid for. -view.

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Let’s take a look at the comparison of some famous people in this sport.

  • Richard Rivera, the first American lightweight athlete on Boxrec, fought Leandro Silva in the third battle. Silva made his career debut and entered his 2-4 career.
  • Brandon Glanton is the third-ranked American lightweight player on Boxrec. In the third battle, he fought Bryan Canady (Bryan Canady). Canady has a 0-5 record as of 2019, was eliminated in all five games in the first round, and was eliminated three times in less than 90 seconds.
  • In his fourth professional battle, Terence Crawford, one of the world’s top pound-to-pound fighters, fought Aaron Anderson. That game was Anderson’s professional player debut. Now, Anderson’s career record is 3-49.
  • Floyd Mayweather’s fourth professional opponent, Edgar Ayala, retired after four games, with a career record of 0-4.

This is Jake Paul’s ultimate problem-except for the lingering accusations of sexual assault. How do you properly mobilize a developing fighter without losing the huge amount of money that his personality-driven events can generate?

The answer at hand may be Joe Fournier, who defeated musician Reykon on Saturday’s deck. Fournier is a self-proclaimed “billionaire” who transitioned from a boxing career to working in the nightclub industry. After defeating Lei Kang, Fourier was promoted 9-0. His time training in actual sports may make him a suitable opponent, and his personality and influential figure (about 200,000 followers on Instagram Or) can provide entertainment value to Paul’s fight request.

However, don’t expect victory over Fournier to calm Paul’s critics, because knowledge of Fournier’s boxing career provides a realistic test, because his nine opponents have already fought with nightclub tycoons, with a total record of 29-116 -1. .


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