Amazing Time-Lapse Video of Earth from the International Space Station

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An incredible new 5 minute video shows a time-lapse view of the Earth from the International Space Station. Words don’t do justice to the extreme beauty and visual majesty of this video. It gives you a glimpse of the experience of being in space that is so breathtaking it leaves you yearning to be on the next mission to the International Space Station.

Photographs were taken onboard the International Space Station during Expedition 28 and Expedition 29 that were used by Michael König of Berlin, Germany to create this time-lapse video. The pictures were taken by flight engineers Satoshi Furukawa, Ron Garan, and other astronauts during August, September, and October 2011.

Read to find more background information on this spectacular video including details of the breathtaking views of the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis captured in this footage,49621545.html

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