Chris Columbus Thinks A Spider-Man Cameo Would Improve Any Movie

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Harry Potter director Chris Columbus jokingly reveals that he thinks a Spider-Man cameo would improve any movie. Columbus became known for his directorial work on Home Alone and Mrs. Doubtfire, but it was his work on the first two Harry Potter films that truly made him a household name. While later Harry Potter films became more mature as their young stars grew into adults, The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets are remembered for their whimsical tone and for the ways in which they capture true childlike, magical wonder.

Around the same time Columbus took on directing duties for Harry Potter, Sony was searching for a director for their upcoming Spider-Man film. While the job was ultimately taken by Sam Raimi, who would go on to direct both of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man sequels as well, it has long been rumored that Columbus was initially considered to direct before Raimi was brought on board. Ultimately, however, Columbus chose Harry Potter and the rest is history.

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In an exclusive Screen Rant interview, Columbus reveals his love for Spider-Man and jokingly shares his belief that a cameo from the superhero immediately makes any movie better. After confirming the rumors that he did, in fact, almost direct the 2002 Spider-Man film, Columbus says that he even thinks an American classic like The Godfather could be improved with an appearance by Spider-Man. Check out Columbus’ full comment:

“I’m of firm belief that every movie ever made would be better with Spider-Man in it. There’s no question. I mean, how good would The Godfather be if Spider-Man showed up?”

Director Chris Columbus
While Columbus is clearly joking, it’s clear that he does have a real affection for the character of Spider-Man. The success of the Harry Potter franchise can largely be attributed to Columbus, so it’s clear that he made the right choice between the two franchises, but it is interesting to think about what a Chris Columbus Spider-Man movie would be like. Given the director’s sensibilities, it’s likely that the film would appeal to younger audiences and have a sprinkling of child-like wonder that Columbus has so frequently captured in his films.

It’s obvious that not every movie would actually be improved with a Spider-Man cameo, but the suggestion itself is indicative of Columbus’ unique directing style and his penchant for light-hearted comedy that’s appropriate for the whole family. It seems that both Harry Potter fans and Spider-Man fans are happy with the respective directors they got for the first few installments of their favorite films but, just as it is an interesting thought experiment to imagine Spider-Man in every movie under the sun, so too is it interesting to imagine what Spider-Man would have looked like under the direction of Chris Columbus.,50787769.html

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