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When Hotel Xcaret Mexico originally opened in Riviera Maya, it was a new and exciting property for avid travelers to explore. The resort stood apart from others in the area, offering local cuisine, authentic experiences, intricate decor and an All Fun Inclusive concept that wasn’t ever seen before.

Fast forward to July of 2021, and Hotel Xcaret Arte has now opened its doors, welcoming visitors in for yet another new experience in this sought-after area.


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    Relaxing area at Hotel Xcaret Arte


Some travelers may be wondering what this new property is all about and if it’s different from Hotel Xcaret Mexico. While the properties’ layouts and décor may look similar, there are a few major differentiators between the two.

While Hotel Xcaret Mexico caters to guests of all ages, visitors to Hotel Xcaret Arte must be at least 16 years of age, giving it more of an adults-only atmosphere.

In addition, Hotel Xcaret Mexico’s single rooftop area was such a hit, that Hotel Xcaret Arte offers four rooftop areas to enjoy. Though they all offer incredible views, the rooftop pool and bar area on top of Casa de los Artistas is a crowd favorite. Located closest to the ocean with views of both the Caribbean Sea and the sprawling property, the exclusive spot boasts some of the most Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

Roopftop pool at Casa de los Artistas
Roopftop pool at Casa de los Artistas. (photo by Codie Liermann)

According to Sakari Malinen, Director of Sales, Hoteles Xcaret, an ideal traveler for a visit to Hotel Xcaret Arte is “somebody who, on top of sun and beach and fun, also enjoys culinary experiences and is also interested in being part of making art.” Because on top of having an adults-only focus and additional rooftop oases, the resort also offers a variety of creative workshops.

The hotel is divided into five houses, or casas, and each one has its own themed workshop. For example, located in Casa de la Música is a dance workshop and in Casa del Diseño is a weaving workshop. Other options include painting, pottery and literature. During a visit to Hotel Xcaret Arte, there is no need to go shopping for souvenirs, as guests have the option to create them while learning something new, which can be even more meaningful.

Weaving workshop at Hotel Xcaret Arte
The colorful space where weaving workshops take place at Hotel Xcaret Arte. (photo by Codie Liermann)

In addition to unleashing their creative side throughout the visit, guests can also utilize watersports such as kayaks and paddleboards right on property. There are plenty of activities throughout the day to keep guests entertained.

Malinen explained that this is the very reason it has drawn in several multigenerational groups: “Everybody has something interesting to do because there is such a variety of different activities, like more extreme watersports or more casual snorkeling perhaps, all kinds of things.”

Watersports at Hotel Xcaret Arte
Guests kayaking and paddleboarding on a sunny day. (photo by Codie Liermann)

Another aspect of the resort that travelers may not find elsewhere is the in-depth culinary offerings. From mobile food carts serving fresh Elote poolside to the fine dining restaurants offering gourmet menu items, guests are taken on a unique journey with each and every bite.

“We have created this culinary team of top Mexican celebrity chefs. We also have this variety of different cuisine from different areas of Mexico,” Malinen explained, adding that Hotel Xcaret Arte is one of the first all-inclusive resorts to include a restaurant run by a Michelin star chef without charging an extra cost.

A food cart near the pool area at Hotel Xcaret Arte
A food cart near the pool area at Hotel Xcaret Arte. (photo by Codie Liermann)

Among these elegant restaurant options are Kibi-Kibi, serving favorites from Yucatan and Lebanon; Xaak, honoring the destination’s ancestors by showcasing pre-Hispanic food; and Encanta, which features modern Mexican cuisine.

Those finished with their evening dining journey and not quite ready to retreat to the room can opt to visit the speakeasy for live music and delicious drinks—that is, if they can find it.

Hotel Xcaret Arte's speakeasy
Hotel Xcaret Arte’s speakeasy. (photo by Codie Liermann)

What ties everything together and makes Hotel Xcaret Arte stand apart from others of its kind is the All Fun Inclusive concept. It actually begins at the airport, as the hotel includes round-trip airport transportation in its own buses. Also included are both transportation and admission to all the Grupo Xcaret parks and tours in the area. This means adventures such as zip lining, driving amphibious vehicles through the forest, snorkeling, discovering cenotes and touring Mayan ruins are all included during the stay, truly taking “all-inclusive” to another level.

When guests need a break from the never-ending fun, they can retreat to the Muluk Spa, which offers eco-integrator hydrotherapy rituals, private treatment rooms in natural caves, an Alchemist Room and more. It’s a place where visitors can take their time and discover the true meaning of relaxation.

Overlooking the Muluk Spa at Hotel Xcaret Arte
Overlooking the Muluk Spa. (photo by Codie Liermann)

“Our owner’s philosophy has always been that he understands that not everybody can go to all the corners of the country and all the amazing villages, so he wants to bring the best of Mexico to one single place where you can see it all,” Malinen said.

If a one-stop-shop to a glimpse of what all Mexico has to offer sounds appealing, contact a travel advisor or visit to learn more and get a future vacation on the books.,50648477.html

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